HandBrake 0.9.0 Released

HandBrake IconThe HandBrake crew has released version 0.9.0 of their excellent DVD ripping software. In this release are a new GUI, much faster encoding, way more advanced options, Matroska containers, a “send to MetaX” option, and a bunch of other updates. Hit the jump for the full changelog.

From the changelog:

Changes between 0.8.5b1 and 0.9.0:
Core HandBrake Changes
+ Added: Matroska (MKV) container output
+ Added: Limited MPEG-2 transport stream (.VOB and .TS) input support
+ Added: Option to write MP4 files larger than 4GB
+ Added: Video filters (pullup, yadif, mcdeint, hqdn3d, pp7)
+ Added: DTS audio input
+ Changed: Switched to Lanczos scaling from libswscale
+ Changed: Precise chapter marker location
+ Changed: Newer libraries
+ Changed: Much faster (threaded) iPod encoding
+ Changed: “Same as source” works differently (better?) now
+ Fixed: Audio drops should be thoroughly banished now
+ Fixed: MP2 audio support
Assorted other changes

CLI Changes:
+ Added: Chapter naming
+ Added: Many new command line options for subtitles and filters.
+ Added: Turbo for 2-pass x264 encodes
Assorted other changes

Mac Changes:
+ Added: Chapter naming
+ Added: Growl support
+ Added: Advanced x264 settings tab
+ Added: Logging window
+ Added: Turbo for 2-pass x264 encodes
+ Added: Many new presets
+ Added: Unified toolbar
+ Changed: Default settings
+ Changed: Further integration of the queue and active queuing
+ Changed: Browse DVDs like any other volumes
+ Fixed: No more floating window syndrome (Mac)
+ Fixed: Presets retain “magic sauce” when you change settings
Assorted other changes

[Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]


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