Path Finder

I was playing support for a coworker who got a shiny new MacBook Pro a couple days ago, and he highly recommended I download Path Finder as a replacement for the regular built-in Finder. 20 minutes later, I’m hooked.

If there was a standalone app that Apple should buy out and slap into the next release of OS X (R.I.P. CoverFlow, Dashboard, etc.), this is it.

I could really use a Drobo

While flipping through a ton of old news caused by a holiday weekend, I came across the Drobo. Basically it seems like it’s a big JBOD array that uses the hot stuff known as ZFS. One or two of these would be invaluable for me, since I’ve had to deal with a hard drive failure somewhere at home or at work once a week for the last 15 weeks.  I wish I was making this up.

Now, the problem is digging up the necessary $700 for just the unit itself, then a couple hundred bucks per disk…

[Via Gizmodo]

On the Wii and Gamecube games

Why does the Wii make launching a Gamecube game so difficult? It’s somewhat of a pain in the ass procedure, outlined below:

  1. Load game
  2. Find Wiimote
  3. Click through the health/safety warning
  4. Find cursor on-screen
  5. Click on Disc Channel
  6. Click on Start
  7. Find Gamecube controller
  8. Put Wiimote away to eliminate step 2 in the future

I understand the need for the health/safety warning, but it’d be nice if the next firmware upgrade included facilities to allow the Gamecube controller to navigate the main menu and startup GC games.